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    Joyce Ekstrand





     Pat Parkin




     Pat and Joyce are sisters, quilters, co-conspirators and best friends!  We love quilting and the creative process in almost any form.  We also love teaching and assisting others find and develop their own creative talents.  In the classes we teach we may very well be the ones having the most fun. Our goal is to help spread the joy of quilting and creativity in general.

     Pat has been quilting since about 2000.  She is a long-armer, a traditionalist and is also exploring the “art quilt” side of life.  She loves teaching and helping others develop their skills.  Teaching from the basics and rules for precision so you can then go beyond and know just which rules to break to make all the difference in your project.  She has developed a long-arm service and quilts for clients in a variety of methods and techniques, with a lot of custom quilting to fit the individual quilt as well as an all over pattern or pentograph.  It is all done free-hand, no computers.

     Joyce has been quilting since about 2001.  At first, self-taught and then couldn’t get enough of all the classes there are out there, whether in a quilt shop or on-line or just exploring on her own, she loves the process.  And, is in fact a self-proclaimed technique junkie.  She loves learning and sharing.  She has a BA in Art Studio from University of Maryland University College with concentrations in Oil painting and Intaglio Printmaking.  She discovered she could combine two loves, quilting and art, to make art quilts!  Nirvana!  She has won several ribbons for her art quilts including a Best In Show for the Durham Orange Quilt Guild Show in 2010, Best in Category and Judges Choice in various shows.