Houston International Quilt Festival 2017

We had a great time at the Houston International Quilt Fesitval!  What an experience to see all the talent that exists out there in the world.  The Quilt entries were amazing.   

It is always a bit of a shock to see how BIG this show is!  I don't think we were able to see half of it.  Of course, that is partly due to the fact that we had a very busy booth.  Rosie the Pig Tuffet got a lot of attention.  She is so spoiled! but enjoyed being in the spotlight!  We presented the new Animal Tuffet Patterns and they were very well received.  They are a fun variation on the "classic" tuffet.  We have had many suggestions on other animals you all would be interested in seeing.  We will be working on some of those ideas.

Our other main feature is the Wedge Quilt of the Month.  These small wall quilts utitilize our Wedge Ruler in each quilt.  We have July through December available in pattern and kit form.  We are looking forward to developing January through June.  We have so many ideas running around in our heads!  Can't wait to get to them.

We were especially excited about Jodi Robinson's class on Straight Line Quilting with a Modern Twist.  She has taken the Tuffet Tool Ruler to a new level! for marking quilt tops for quilting.  Can't wait to put it to this new use.  You can see what she is doing on her site:


The Christmas Stained Glass Quilt was also a hit.  I love making this quilt.  My next one will be done all in Hand Dyes.  Wait for it....