We Survived Market

Well we did it!  We survived our first Market!  It really was great.  We met tons of fabulous people from all over and we learned so very much.  A great big thank you goes out to all those who helped "school" us and were so free with their time and advice. We are so fortunate to be here, learning and growing, in such a wonderful industry.


Outstanding story there. What occurred after?
Good luck!

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hahaha ... just found your comment, please forgive us as we continue to learn (some of us have a larger learning curve than others!). Well, to answer your question, Quilt market is a wholesale event where we had a vendor's booth and buyers from all over the world come to see what's new and find what they want to order for their quilt shops in the upcoming months. 

And, we're going to go to the biggest Quilt Market and Festival that is held every year in the Fall in Houston! Life continues to be an adventure!