Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a tuffet?​​​​
    • A tuffet is a small footstool or low seat. It’s origin is Anglo-French tuffete, from tufe tuft. First use in 1553.
  2. What’s in the tuffet kit?
    • ​See the tuffet kit description under products, but it includes the 18” round wooden base, already drilled; t-nuts, 2” hanger bolts; upholstery grade foam also 18” round x 6” thick with a 2” beveled top edge; upholstery dacron batting; 2 ½” button to cover; bobbin’s worth of upholstery thread.
  3. Can I order kits for pick-up to avoid shipping costs?
    • ​Generally, yes, but when and where will need to be coordinated.
  4. It looks like a difficult project, can I make one on my own or do I need to take a class?
    • ​Taking a class is recommended for making your first tuffet so you get the hands-on instruction and see how each step is executed.  After that, if you feel you still need a class, because you can’t remember everything or you need the extra help, you can always join in on the upholstery only portion of any class we teach. Often shops will offer just the upholstery only class for repeat customers. 
    • Or, you can purchase our DVD to have at your fingertips, every step of the way.
  5. Why don’t you include feet in your kit?
    • ​The main reason is that there are too many styles, prices and colors, etc. to choose from and we feel you would be able to find more specifically what you want for your own décor by choosing them for yourself.